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How DOES Brad Burt's Magic Shop Online go about "Enhancing Your Ability To Work Wonders?" It's a fair question. Is it just a catchy phrase or is there something I can really do to help you be more successful with your magic? 

Well, I have three things I do that I believe are different. The first is my FREE 24 Lesson Magic Course on the Theory and Practice of magic. It's great stuff. It's the kind of 'stuff' that you learn when you have been in magic as a full time professional for over 35 years. And, I follow those lessons up with more essays on magic. In fact I now have enough other material that I could have two more 24 Lesson sets going and I'm going to start rewriting them and putting them up on the site! 

Second, I'm available to answer questions you have on magic. I like to get questions, because they generally have a much wider range of interest than just the person who asked and from them I get some of my best Essay ideas. So don't hesitate to use the email address below to contact me if you have questions!  Note:  I won't answer questions on "how" tricks are done...well, you know why on that one.

Third, for about the first 20 years I was in the business I ran and taught for four different magic schools. Yep…four! I developed dozens of lesson plans and personally taught thousands of students. It was fun and I learned a lot myself. From that experience I developed a theory and style of teaching on video and I made 17 videos on the best way to learn how to do sleight-of-hand with cards (10 dvds), Coins (3 dvds) and then one each on Sponge Balls, Linking Rings, Chop Cup and Billiard Ball and Thimble Manipulation. When you buy these DVD's whether you get them from me….the best possible manner in which to get them from my point of view….or, whether you buy them from your local magic shop I am available to answer email questions on the technique taught. Have a problem? Contact me.  

Brad Burt's Magic Shop Online and my Private Lesson Teaching DVD's are really and truly about helping you become the accomplished magician you want to be. It's about "Enhancing YOUR Ability To Work Wonders" and do it in the shortest time possible.  That's because my videos are systematic and planned  and shot in such a way that you learn much, MUCH faster than you would think possible.

Interested in Card Magic?  Check out my four DVD Core Card Course.  It rocks and every single and I mean EVERY single item taught is useful.  No filler, no junk just technique that I have used virtually every day for 37 years as a magician.  It's workable, practical material.

If you have any questions...just contact me at:

Or you can call me at:  619-562-4877

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